Python Security
CCTV System

Our hybrid DVR’s support up to 128 channels, making this the highest amount of channels supported by any DVR system. Our software integrates mobile phone & pda technology giving you continuous remote access control at all times.

Unlike any other DVR, our system has specifically been designed to combine five individual applications into one unit for simplicity of use.

These applications include the following:

1. Facial Recognition
2. Fingerprint Recognition
3. Number plate Recognition
4. P.O.S System &
5. Swipe Cards

Using one system which incorporates all our applications together, this allows for easy access at a more affordable price, therefore making our DVR a more cost efficient, user friendly advanced technological unit.


IP Video surveillance is digitally based & uses the transmission of images through a network using internet protocols or a set of commands, therefore making IP Surveillance a more flexible system.

We have designed a system to monitor & secure your premises by viewing real-time images over the internet or a local area network, regardless of whether you are viewing from a remote location or multiple locations. Our IP system focuses on the capability to examine live footage as it occurs, giving you an advantage over all forms of Surveillance as you are more inclined to respond to emergencies more quickly, & effectively.

The use of IP Video Surveillance is expanding internationally, & is the next step to a revolutionary mark in the CCTV sector. With more improvements to be made, & products to be tried & tested, future development will only improve, establishing IP surveillance as the next beneficial step into the market.

Here at Python Security we have a variety of reliable products suitable for your needs & purposes to provide you with the most efficient CCTV System in the market today.

Appropriate for all weather conditions our system has the knowledge to automatically maintain itself & also integrates both wired & wireless products, thus making our systems versatile & easy to use.
  DVR D.V.R’s - Digital Video Recorders  
Video Monitors Video Monitors
Other Cameras Other Cameras
P.I.R’s – Passive Infrared Detectors P.I.R’s – Passive Infrared Detectors
Dome Cameras Dome Cameras
P.T.Z’s (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) PTZ