Python Security
About Python
Python Security are an Irish owned Company which was originally founded in 2004 when our two company directors finally decided to break into the ever-growing CCTV Market.

The decision to carry out this company was made almost immediately as Ireland’s economy & population began to grow rapidly, emphasising the need for more security measures to be put into place as to prohibit any ongoing unnecessary activity for both businesses & residents, leading us to what we now do best.

Our company name “Python Security” means the “Power to Protect”, so our philosophy is based upon offering our expertise in security by using some of the best CCTV technology in the world to protect & keep watch over all movement 24 hours a day.

Still based in Ireland today, Python Security are now a leading company in more than just CCTV Operations, & have a wide range of new products on offer for all our customers. We have a strong desire to ensure that you find the best deal for you, & we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction or give you a few recommendations.

Lastly, Python Security would like to thank all our customers for their help & support to allow us to progress even further. For our past & present customers, we look forward to growing with you together, & to all our future customers, we welcome you to one of the best investments you will ever make.