Python Security
Access Control - Swipe Card Recognition Systems
Swipe Card Recognition SystemsPython Security swipe card recognition systems allow only those approved, access through security barriers. By using a single card to swipe through an access control unit you are given full control over entry and exit points at any time of the day, and when an attempt is being made to pass through an access point, the individual’s profile is matched against a file of pre-authorised users making it easier for you to maintain security at all levels.

Swipe Card Features:
  • Full reports including real-time, date, and profiles can be uploaded and printed
  • Swipe cards provided for any number of employees, regardless of business size
  • CCTV tracking (optional) used as evidence
  • Total control over access, including the disabling of swipe cards at any given time
  • Denial of security clearance to unauthorised users in sensitive or dangerous areas